cruelty free beauty ethical xmas

Cruelty Free Beauty | Ethical Xmas

Hello beauty junkies and welcome to the first post in my Ethical Xmas series: Cruelty Free Beauty! Did you know the top 10 busiest shopping days of the year are in November and December?! As we approach the holidays, basically every mall becomes a nightmarish shit-storm of people frantically gift[…]

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fall favorites makeup mulled wine inspired

Fall Favorites Makeup Collab | Mulled Wine & Warm Coffee

What’s up makeup junkies!? I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather more than I am– tbh I’m 100% a summer chick. BUT, I’ve been trying to get past my hatred for cold weather and use the changing seasons as a source of inspiration not frustration. So, today I’m bringing[…]

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cool toned fall glam makeup

Fall Glam Makeup Inspiration

What’s up everyone! Today I collaborated with Danielle from @SimpleValediction to bring you two fabulous fall glam looks perfect for holiday parties! I am so inspired by her gorgeous photography and perfectly aesthetic instagram, so I couldn’t be more excited about our collab! I hope you’re ready to get inspired[…]

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100 yen store japan

100 Yen Store Cosmetics | Beauty Shopping in Japan

Hello babes and welcome to the first part of my Beauty Shopping in Japan series! If you didn’t already know, I am an American expat and I’ve been living in Tokyo for over a year now. I’ve loved cosmetics ever since I bought my first Claire’s eye shadow palette in[…]

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Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask review

Milky Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask Review

A couple months ago while mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook news feed (as I tend to do with alarming frequency) I came upon a video that would change life as I knew it. The Milky Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask! I have been looking for a decent wash off face mask[…]

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Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

This is the story of a girl who lived the first twenty years of her life as a snake with dandruff. No joke. As a person with chronically dry skin and eczema, my face was perpetually a flaky hot mess. I would regularly go through a painful shedding phase that[…]

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Asian Skincare: Understanding Products

I’m here to learn you a thing about taking care of your skin in ways you didn’t even know were possible. So get ready to come to terms with how you’ve been neglecting your beautiful face for years… Then go ahead and bookmark this post. Let’s dive into Asian skincare.[…]

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