about alliecalamari

I am an American living abroad in Japan and loving every moment. I am dedicated to promoting cruelty free beauty products and working to end animal testing globally. If you want to know some fun facts about me (alliecalamari) keep reading!


Video games!

I mostly play indie games on PC, but I’m also addicted to Overwatch (it’s a problem)


I love basically all types of alcohol but if I had to choose a few favorites they’d be

  1. classic rum + coke
  2. bloody mary
  3. sangria (and mulled wine in the winter)


I could eat sushi for the rest of my life and die happy. Thankfully I live in Japan right now, so it’s cheap af sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!




Waking up before 9am turns me into quite a nasty bitch.

Animal testing!

Fuck that shit!


Literally fun for 2 minutes, then absolutely miserable.