Choosy Lip Mask Review

choosy lip mask

As someone who struggles with chronic dry skin, I am extremely familiar with chapped lips. Recently I caught the flu and after a long week of mouth breathing my lips were shriveled and dead. That’s when I tried my first Choosy Lip Mask. Long story short? I will definitely be using these as part of my weekly skincare regimen! Read more below to get the scoop on this magical product.

Choosy Lip Mask Review

How the Choosy Lip Mask works:

Each mask is full of vitamin E and collagen, both of which hydrate your skin. Additionally, the choosy lip mask is supercharged with hyaluronic acid, which acts as a humectant. When combined together these three ingredients soften, moisturize, and help improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture. What more could your lips ask for? Just wear the mask for 10-15 minutes at the end of your skincare routine, or before applying makeup to plump and moisturize your lips.

So many awesome “flavors” to choose from:

There’s a choosy lip mask for everyone. Recently I’ve used strawberry chocolate and white pearl– both were amazing! Although some of the “flavors” sound delish, licking your lips isn’t recommended. It’s very faint, but the taste they leave behind is slightly bitter. Plus, licking your lips actually causes the skin to lose moisture and become chapped more quickly.

Magical results:

After wearing the choosy lip mask my lips felt noticeably more hydrated and smooth. And the improvement didn’t disappear right away either. My lips were in great condition for a solid couple days before they began to get dry again. I honestly didn’t expect much of these. I picked up a few of just because they were cheap and interesting. Boy did they prove me wrong. Read my lips: choosy lip masks are amazing.

Not just for your lips…

The back of each lip mask has a blurb with a pro tip: put choosy masks on your nipples! Although I haven’t tried this (yet) I think it’s a great idea. Who doesn’t want soft, moisturized nip noops?

Click below for an amazing deal on a variety pack! Isn’t Amazon the best?!

Comment if you’ve ever used Choosy Lip Masks on your lips or anywhere else! I’d love to hear your experience. If you enjoyed this post feel free to follow me on social media or subscribe for email updates (links in sidebar)

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