ColorCL Contacts Review

colorcl herrys blossom lime green contacts

Spring is knocking at the door and I am ready to bloom with it like a magical sakura! I’m always looking for new ways to reinvent classic looks, especially this time of year. Colored contacts are a fun way to change up your look. Depending on the style, they can be a natural finish on a wearable daily look, or add some sexy drama to your favorite “night out” look! With the Herrys Blossom ColorCL contacts you can embrace spring and enjoy experimenting with color. Not only are these contacts hot af, they’re also super comfy and safe for your delicate, lovely eyes.

Herrys Blossom “Lime Green” ColorCL Contacts

colorcl contacts lime green herrys blossom

Chic packaging:

The ColorCL contacts arrived in a cute orange bubble mailer. The Herrys Blossom packaging is classy and simple. Even though it shipped internationally it was in perfect shape when it arrived. Note: each pair comes with a case, but you will need to pick up your own multipurpose solution if you don’t already have some.

Gorgeous color:

I chose the “lime green” Herrys Blossom contacts with a -6.00 prescription, of course, because I’m blind as a geriatric mole with glaucoma. The contacts are extremely pigmented and designed to work on any eye color, including dark brown. I am in love with the captivating, emerald green color it gives my eyes. Because the diameter is 14.2mm, the ColorCL lenses give your eyes a larger appearance without looking too wide. The shape and color pigment of the contact is perfect and doesn’t make your eyes look bulgy like some cheap brands do. Seriously, do y’all remember when colored lenses first got popular and everyone was running around looking all bug eyed? *shudders*

More comfy than your favorite leggings:colorcl contacts lime green herrys blossom

My eyes are very sensitive, plus I’m usually riding the struggle bus this time of year with allergies and whatnot. I use OTC medicated eye drops, which help quite a bit, but even then some contacts irritate my allergies. I was delighted that these contacts fit perfectly and did not irritate my allergies one bit!  That’s because there’s more to ColorCL contacts than meets the eye– they’re specially designed to maximize comfort.

Tapered edge design:

One of the main reasons cheap contacts are uncomfortable to wear is because of poorly designed edges that causes irritation. ColorCL contacts, however, are specially designed to reduce friction between the lens and the eyelid.  They have a thin, tapered edge that allows the lens to comfortably glide against the eyelid without any irritation. Due to this tapered edge they fit perfectly and I don’t even notice that I’m wearing them!

Moisture is the essence of wetness:

Truer words have never been spoken– thanks Zoolander. ColorCL contacts use the power of science to increase moisture retention and prevent drying. This means that you can easily wear these contacts for a full day without having to constantly lubricate your eyes with artificial tears! I wore mine for 7+ hours without any drying or irritation at all.

Silicone hydrogel:

Finally, ColorCL uses silicone hydrogel instead of the regular oxygen-permeable material used in some lenses. Silicone hydrogel allows more oxygen to reach your eyes, which keeps them happy and healthy!  These lenses are great for daily use and regular wear because they won’t suffocate or damage your beautiful eyeballs.

colorcl contacts herrys blossom lime green


People who are new to contacts may not realize this, but contacts are easily flipped inside out! If you put in a contact and immediately notice that it feels uncomfortable, it’s extremely likely your contact is inside out. When you hold a contact on your finger it should look completely round (e.g. NOT cone shaped, flat, or with down-turned edges). If your contact feels uncomfortable and you’re unsure if it’s inside out just take it out, gently flip it, and try the other side.

I have to give these lenses a 10/10! They’re high quality, stylish, and comfortable!

If you liked my review, feel free to follow me on social media and subscribe to Konnichiwa Cosmetics (links in sidebar) for notifications. If you’re interested in getting a pair of these gorgeous contacts go check out ColorCL by clicking here. They just launched their website so everything is 50% off! There’s so many gorgeous colors to choose from– I promise you won’t believe your eyes! Comment below if you’ve ever worn colored lenses or if you have any contact related questions!

Eye love you guys 😉


Disclaimer: ColorCL sent me these contacts as a PR sample, but this is my sincere opinion and I was not influenced by the company. I only give honest reviews, regardless of whether a product was sent to me or I purchased it myself.

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  1. Oh cool!! I love the packaging!! lol I love your comment about how bad your eyes are. I’m almost a -5 so I can’t imagine what -6 looks like! I wore green contacts in high school for a while, but I’m sure things have come a long way since then 🙈

    1. You understand the struggle of having such terrible vision! Sometimes when I wake up I have to feel around to find my glasses on my nightstand because they blend into the blur lol…

  2. Your blog is very appealing – I got a good vibe from it. Great post too – I don’t wear contacts but my boyfriend and sister do! Perhaps I’ll pass this along to them xoxo

    1. I used to be afraid of putting them in my eye, but practice makes perfect! Now I don’t even think twice about it lol 🙂

    1. Contacts can be a little scary to use at first but once you get comfortable with putting them on, they’re great!

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