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100 yen store japan

Hello babes and welcome to the first part of my Beauty Shopping in Japan series!

If you didn’t already know, I am an American expat and I’ve been living in Tokyo for over a year now. I’ve loved cosmetics ever since I bought my first Claire’s eye shadow palette in middle school. Since that fateful day it has become quite an addiction. When I moved to Tokyo I realized that the world of cosmetics in Japan is completely unlike of the US. At first, it was very challenging to scope out the best shops, deals, and products but after dedicating myself to a year of research I’m ready to share my discoveries. I’m creating this series as a resource for beauty addicts visiting Japan who want to enjoy a shopping spree without the hassle of navigating so many unfamiliar stores alone. Today we’re looking at 100 yen store cosmetics!

100 yen store cosmetics

100 Yen Store Cosmetics

100 yen stores are the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store only way less busted (if I’m being honest). I’ve been in my fair share of dollar stores and while some offer average quality products and low prices, others offer a sure fire way to get tetanus and garbage tier products that break after one use. 100 yen stores, however, have a wide variety of high quality products, including home goods, office supplies, gifts, and more. They can go by many names, but some of the most popular are Seria, CanDo, and Daiso 100 yen shops. You can find them hiding just about everywhere from malls to the shopping centers built above train stations.

Today I’m going to take you on a little journey through a Seria near the Fujisawa train station right outside Tokyo. So go ahead and take a peek at that checking balance because after this you’re probably going to be booking a flight to Japan ASAP 😉

Lashes Galore

I tried to save the best for last, but I can’t even begin to talk about 100 yen store cosmetics without whipping out a surprise megaphone and screaming “LASHES” at anyone who will listen. Finding decent lashes in the states can be tough unless you’re willing to pay a pretty penny. I absolutely love House of Lashes and Tarte lashes, but sometimes you just don’t feel like dropping $10 on one pair. In Japan, you can get quality, synthetic lashes for unbeatable prices in the 100 yen store cosmetics aisle.

100 yen store synthetic false lashes

If you’re addicted to false lashes like I am, the 100 yen store is a necessary stop that won’t disappoint. Usually you can get a set of lashes for 100 yen, but some stores also offer some packs of two for the same price. You’re sure to leave with a bag full of quality synthetic lashes!

100 yen store synthetic false lashes

From bold and sexy to delicate and simple– 100 yen stores are stocked with lashes for every occasion and eye shape. Don’t forget to grab a pair of lower lashes and some cheap, handy lash tools. Pretty sure this is lash heaven!

Nail Art

Alongside their incredible selection of brushes, tools, mirrors and more, you can find a wide variety of nail art supplies. You can get everything you need to design a trendy manicure that fits your style here. Most 100 yen stores will also have seasonal nail goodies, so you can enjoying showing off your festive nails at whatever holiday is up next on the calendar.

100 yen store cosmetics

Gems, glitter, decals, foil, you name it– the 100 yen store has it! This is probably the best place to shop for nail art supplies in Japan simply because of the huge selection and unbeatable price. Other stores will have similar products, but often at 3 or 4 times the cost! So when you’re cosmetics shopping in Japan be sure to check out the 100 yen store nail aisle.

100 yen store cosmetic glitter

Or, if you’re like me and have zero patience for nail painting, get creative and re-purpose that shit! I always grab nail foils like these to use on my eyes for artistic pops of color when I’m creating makeup looks. Can you believe this set of gorgeous foils is only 100 yen?!

Explore The Whole Store!

100 yen store organization

When you’re out shopping, don’t just check out the 100 yen store cosmetics section– explore the whole thing! You really never know what you might find, 100 yen stores have just about everything. I love checking the organizational section for cute boxes and acrylic drawers for my makeup.

100 yen store organization100 yen store cute pouchesSmall modular boxes and trays like these are some of my favorite things for organizing makeup, accessories, and skincare products. They also have a variety of organizational boxes perfect for travel!


I always find adorable surprises when I explore 100 yen stores–like these cat and dog pouches! Look for quirky and fun statement pieces to add to your collection. I love conversation starters like these. Just wait until everyone’s asking where you got such unique accessories!

You really never know what interesting surprises you might stumble across at the 100 yen store. It’s definitely a shopping experience you won’t want to miss when visiting Japan. And for any beauty addict the 100 yen store cosmetics section should be on your itinerary, underlined and highlighted.

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What’s your all time favorite place to shop for budget cosmetics? Where do you score bomb deals on makeup products?? I’ll be hanging out in the comments– leave me a message and let me know 😉

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