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cool toned fall glam makeup

What’s up everyone! Today I collaborated with Danielle from @SimpleValediction to bring you two fabulous fall glam looks perfect for holiday parties! I am so inspired by her gorgeous photography and perfectly aesthetic instagram, so I couldn’t be more excited about our collab!

I hope you’re ready to get inspired this season and play with some new looks, too. I’ve been using warm tones so often lately so today I decided to switch it up and use some blues! Usually I shy away from cool toned blues, but I was feeling adventurous– and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the result. So without further delay, let’s get into the look and check out some of the products

Fall Glam by Me!

fall glam makeup

First up, I primed my eyes with a little bit of NYX Studio HD concealer and then set it with the Tarte Amazonian clay setting powder. It’s important to set your eye primer with powder so your shadows will blend out smoothly and not appear patchy. Next I used “password” from the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette as a transition shade. Blend that into your crease and don’t be afraid to get messy– we’ll clean it up with the next few colors.

I really wanted to pack on the metallic blue shade (a mix of “slanted” and “dagger” from the Smoky palette) so I used a flat synthetic brush to apply it to my lid. I almost added some glitter on top but I decided the flecks of glitter in the shadow were enough for today (but if that glitter calls your name, always answer!)

To finish up the eyeshadow I had to add a couple more colors…from the Subculture palette. I am addicted to this palette right now, sorry not sorry. I used “axis” in the outer corner and “roxy” on my lower lash line as a pop of color to add some visual interest and contrast.

I’m pretty pleased with how the dark teal and gunmetal blue blended together with the pop of salmon pink. I think it created a nice complementary color scheme. If you wanted a more monochromatic look you could definitely use the same blue shades on your lower lash line for a more traditional smokey eye.

Pro tip! When I’m creating dark eye looks like this I always do my eye makeup before putting on my face. That way it’s easy to clean up any fallout from super pigmented blues and blacks. So next I just applied my Tarte Amazonian clay foundation with a beauty sponge and set it with the same powder I used to set my eye primer. I added a touch of highlighter on my cheek bones and bit of blush underneath (Pixi Beauty: Rose Gold Duo) and that’s it!

I have been using the Milani matte liquid lipstick in the shade “loved” basically every day– and today was no exception. This shade is so versatile, it looks amazing no matter what eye look you create. I also love how it’s a bit understated so your lips and eyes aren’t competing for attention.

Finally added a bit of mascara (Essence Cosmetics: I Love Extreme waterproof mascara) and I popped on a pair of House of Lashes falsies! These are the Starlet lashes from the Premium Luxe collection and they are absolutely incredible. Maximum volume. Maximum drama.

And that’s it for this cool-toned, fall inspired glam look. Don’t forget to check out my social media for more fall makeup inspo!

Keep reading to check out Danielle’s look! If you’re looking for some soft glam perfection you’re going to love her fall inspired eyes and bold lip. She used to work at Bobbi Brown as a beauty adviser and she is so talented. Definitely check out her social media too while you’re at it!

Fall Glam by Danielle

Hey guys! Not only am I doing my first ever make up post, but I’ve teamed up with @AllieCalamariCosmetics to bring you all 2 very different Fall inspired Glam looks. I’m so happy to be doing this collaboration with her because she is an amazing artist, and even inspired me to put on more makeup than I have in about a year. Her makeup style really spoke to me because it reminded me so much of the style I wished I could have done 3 years ago when I was a beauty advisor for Bobbi Brown. However, since then I’ve had a strong connection with cosmetics and a bit of a problem hoarding it! Even though I don’t use about 98% of my products., I still love to have them on display and look at them! Because of this lovely artist, I decided to try out a basic soft glam Fall look this year and share it with you guys! Hopefully my makeup artistry isn’t too rusty and you guys like this look!

fall glam makeup

First things first is my base. I like to use a primer before I use foundation, or in this case a Chanel CC cream. The primer I used is by Too Faced, and it’s a lifesaver for when I neglect my skin!

Then I cover up any dark and red spots with a NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and blended away with a beauty blender. Afterwards I added the CC cream and blended again. Blending is SO important! The main reason I use a CC cream is because I like a light coverage, but have red cheeks. I try to make my priority my skin so that I don’t have to use very much makeup unless I want to.

The next step is applying a little bit of Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit just under my cheek bones and temples in the shade Light Sculpt with a thin contour brush. Then I took Banana and dabbed on my cheek bones and nose with my ring finger, just to add a little highlight. The trick to contouring is layering, so my goal is to just make a base for my powder contour to almost “stick” on to. After I went over with the powdered version of Light Sculpt, I went in and use my favorite product of all time, Burberry’s illuminating liquid, and dabbed it with my beauty blender just where the light hits my face. So my cheekbones (right where the cream Banana was), my nose, my chin, and upper lip.

While I let that set, I began with a base color for my eyes, for this look I used Bone by Bobbi Brown. I almost always apply an eyeshadow primer, unfortunately my MAC primer pot was recently stolen from my hotel room!

fall glam makeup

 I like to start furthest away from the eye and get closer with each color, so I started with D-825 by Make Up Forever. After it blending out I went in with a generic cream colored Sephora creamshadow pencil so my next color had something to hold on to. Afterwards I grabbed my Naked Smokey pallet by Urban Decay. I used High and heavily patted the color on the Sephora eyeshadow base I made for myself, and repeated the same steps on my bottom lash for a smokey effect. Super simple right? Few colors, and no transition shades.

Then I used Kat Von D’s tattoo felt tip eyeliner on my top eyelid and Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Eye Pencil (hands down my favorite eyeliner pencil ever!) on my bottom outer eye corner and blended out with a smudge brush towards my inner corner to avoid any harshness.

Once my eyes were done, I heightened my arch with Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Pomade and blended the hairs together with Anastasia’s eyebrow gel to achieve a mostly natural brow.

Afterwards I took Tarte’s Energy Noir Pallet, VERY softly brushed the blush over my cheeks, and finished with my trusty Becca highlighter in moonstone, putting it just in the same areas I put Banana on earlier.

fall glam makeup

I finished my look with a quick sweep of Too Faced’s Better than sex mascara, and a mist of rose water spray by Mario Badescu. And Voila, a super simple Fall inspired look. If you want me to post a video of this tutorial please let me know!I

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this collab with Danielle! Comment below and let us know your go to fall glam look– we’d love to hear about what inspires you. If you haven’t checked out our social media yet, go ahead and follow @simplevalediction and @alliecalamaricosmetics for more inspo!

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