ColorCL Contacts: Lucid Dream “Topaz”

Lucid Dream Topaz ColorCL Contacts

Ready for a bomb way to take your everyday makeup to the next level?! ColorCL contacts are here to show you how. They have four unique collections with almost 100 designs. I am in love with all of them, so it’s impossible to choose but today we’re looking at the Lucid Dream “topaz” lenses. I am addicted to all things sparkly so today’s lenses were a perfect match. If you want to look like a golden goddess on a regular basis, keep reading!  These lenses are unique, chic, and comfy af. Basically, the perfect addition to any cosmetics collection.

Lucid Dream “Topaz” ColorCL Contacts

lucid dream topaz ColorCL contacts

Gold Pearlescent Color:

These unique lenses are unlike any other available on the market. The Lucid Dream “topaz” ColorCL contacts feature a gold pearl center that mimics the appearance of a real gemstone. They take your natural eye color to the next level by adding a gold pearlescent ring to your iris, while still allowing you natural color to peek through at the center. When the light catches your eye the gold pearl flecks sparkle like the sun– gorgeous.

Natural and youthful design:

The Lucid Dream “topaz” lenses are a 14.2mm design which gives your eyes a slightly wider appearance by making the diameter of your iris larger. The average lens size is 14.0mm so it’s only slightly wider than normal, but I think that makes it perfect for everyday wear. Plus, the edge of the lens is tinted black to thicken the appearance of your natural limbal ring, making your eyes look big and youthful!

What makes ColorCL contacts so wonderful?

An amazing selection of designs and colors is wonderful, but if you can’t even enjoy wearing the contacts then wtf is the point?! Some contact companies focus only on appearance and forget about protecting the beautiful eyes behind the lenses. ColorCL, however, knows that beauty doesn’t have to be pain. They put extra love and care into the design for all their lenses so your eyes will feel as good as they look.

They’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Not only does ColorCL have a wonderful selection of colors, their contacts are also incredibly comfortable! Because I have year round allergies, my eyes tend to be itchy and dry. I use OTC medicated eye drops, which help quite a bit, but even then some contacts irritate my sensitive eyes. I’m happy to share with everyone that ColorCL contacts fit perfectly and do not irritate my allergies one bit! That’s because there’s more to ColorCL contacts than meets the eye– they’re specially designed to maximize comfort.

Tapered edge design:

One of the main reasons cheap contacts are uncomfortable to wear is because of poorly designed edglucid dream topaz lenses that cause irritation. ColorCL contacts, however, are specially designed to reduce friction between the lens and the eyelid.  They have a thin, tapered edge that allows the lens to comfortably glide against the eyelid without any irritation. Due to this tapered edge they fit perfectly and I don’t even notice that I’m wearing them!

Moisture is the essence of wetness:

Truer words have never been spoken– thanks Zoolander. ColorCL contacts use the power of science to increase moisture retention and prevent drying. This means that you can easily wear these contacts for a full day without having to constantly lubricate your eyes with artificial tears! I usually wear mine for 7+ hours without any drying or irritation at all.

Silicone hydrogel:

Finally, ColorCL uses silicone hydrogel instead of the regular oxygen-permeable material used in some lenses. Silicone hydrogel allows more oxygen to reach your eyes, which keeps them happy and healthy!  These lenses are great for daily use and regular wear because they won’t suffocate or damage your beautiful eyeballs.

I wore the Lucid Dream “topaz” contacts all day while running errands and doing chores around the house. I actually forgot I was wearing them a few times because of how comfortable they are! Even if you have sensitive eyes, I promise you’ll love them.

You can check out the Ludid Dream “topaz” lenses on by clicking here!

If you’re looking for a sexy twist on your natural eye color I would totally recommend these contacts. They’re a beautiful accent to any eye color. Check out my instagram (link in sidebar) if you want to see the Lucid Dream “topaz” lenses modeled on blue eyes, plus other ColorCL lenses! And feel free to follow my blog for notifications on blog posts like this in the future 🙂

Stay gold,


Disclaimer: ColorCL sent me these contacts as a PR sample, but this is my sincere opinion. I was not influenced by the company or paid to give this review. I only give honest reviews, regardless of whether a product was sent to me or I purchased it myself.

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  1. I’m always scared of coloured lenses because my eyes are very sensitive but after your review I really want to try them 😊

    1. I’ve had problems with some contacts in the past, but these have been wonderful 🙂 you don’t feel them in your eyes at all, and even after hours of wear they don’t get dry!

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