Pore Tightening Pack by TonyMoly

tonymoly pore tightening cooling pack

Welcome to the second part of my Egg Pore Trio review! Sorry it took a hot minute to get this review posted, my sister was in town last week so I was busy as fuck. If you haven’t checked out part one, where I reviewed the Blackhead Steam Balm, please click here! Today I’ll be rambling about the Pore Tightening Pack, which is marketed as the second step in the Egg Pore Trio. The main purpose of this product is to tighten your pores after cleansing, not only to reduce the appearance of pores but also to prevent future blackheads.

Pore Tightening Pack

Quality ingredients:

pore tightening pack tonymoly TonyMoly always creates products that feature quality, natural ingredients. The Pore Tightening Pack contains fermented egg which helps to tighten and smooth your skin. Other notable ingredients include kaolin clay and green tea extract, which are both good for controlling sebum and mattifying the skin. These three ingredients make this product great for people looking to minimize pores, prevent blackheads, and control excess sebum. Another wonderful thing about this product is that although it isn’t vegan (due to the eggs), it’s cruelty free. The eggs are sourced ethically from happy cage free hens!

Precious packaging with a catch:

If you read my Blackhead Steam Balm review you’ll know I have some seriously mixed feelings about this packaging. On the one hand, it’s fekin’ adorable. The TonyMoly trio looks so damn cute displayed on my vanity! But on the other hand, the packaging is super clunky and frustrating to travel with. If you don’t mind not being able to bring this egg with you on a weekend trip, don’t even worry. However, if you’re like me and love bringing a ton of products to the hotel for a relaxing night away from home, BEWARE. Giant eggs do not fit well in cosmetic bags…

pore tightening pack tonymoly

Decent results:

Unlike the Blackhead Steam Balm, I noticed a distinct change in temperature when I used the Pore Tightening Pack. I applied a thick layer of it to my nose and chin after my double cleanse and exfoliation. The Pore Tightening Pack is easy to apply and has soft, fluffy texture– similar to scrambled eggs! The cooling sensation was relaxing and soothing on my skin after a hot shower. After about 10 minutes I washed the pack off with cool water and then gently dried my skin with a towel. The pores on my nose felt tighter and my skin looked smooth. I’ll probably save the rest of this egg for the hotter months when my skin gets more oily and clogged. Not to mention the cooling sensation will be sheer perfection on a hot summer night!


If you want to try this product for yourself go ahead and check it out on Amazon!

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