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silky smooth balm

I saved the best for last: TonyMoly’s Silky Smooth Balm! Idk what goose laid this golden egg, but we must find it and feed it some fancy-ass bread. This is the final post for my three part Egg Pore Trio review. (If you’d like to read the about the Blackhead Steam Balm click here, and if you’re interested in the Pore Tightening Cooling Pack click here!) All jokes aside, this product is truly the best out of the trio. I know I didn’t have too many positive things to say about the Blackhead Steam Balm, but the Silky Smooth Balm is sheer perfection. Let’s get down to it!

Silky Smooth Balm

Egg-celent formula and ingredients:silky smooth balm tonymoly

Although there isn’t very much product in each egg, a little goes a really long way. The formula is super blendable! I use less than a pea sized amount to thoroughly cover my whole face. The texture is soft and velvety like a fresh puppy! And, it has a clean scent that lingers on your skin for a bit, which I totally love. Everything about the look and feel of this formula is feckin’ wonderful.

The featured ingredient in the Silky Smooth Balm is fermented egg, which helps to firm your skin and tighten pores. Although this means it isn’t vegan, the eggs are cruelty free. They’re from happy cage free hens!

The Silky Smooth Balm also contains green tea extract which is packed full of wonderful anti-oxidants! So not only will this product make your skin look like silky perfection, it will also treat and prevent signs of aging.

Cute packaging:

I think the golden egg is just adorable. It adds the perfect flair to my cosmetics vanity. My only qualm is that the packaging isn’t exactly travel-friendly. In the first part of my Egg Pore Trio review, I talked about trying to cram these eggs into my backpack. Although that is definitely still a disadvantage to the Silky Smooth Balm, I will give it a hall pass simply because I love the formula so damn much. However, if you’re looking for something compact and easy to carry in your purse or backpack, be sure to consider the awkward shape and size of this egg before investing in it!silky smooth balm tonymoly

Great for any lifestyle:

The Silky Smooth Balm is such a multipurpose product. Not only does it make the perfect base for your favorite foundation or BB cream, it can also be used on it’s own to mattify and smooth your skin! Some days I crack this egg open and use it as a base for foundation, contour, and a bit too much glitter. Other days I just massage it onto my skin as the last step in my morning routine and run out the door. It does a wonderful job keeping your complexion matte when you have to haul ass to catch the train! I love knowing that regardless of whether I’m covered in glitter or not, my skin is benefiting from this egg-cellent balm (are y’all tired of the egg puns yet? I’M NOT!)

Overall I have to rate this egg a 10/10! It has a fantastic formula, cute packaging, and fits into any skincare routine (whether that includes gluing rhinestones to your face or not!)

If you’d like to experience this magic firsthand go check out the TonyMoly Silky Smooth Balm on Amazon!

Comment below if you’ve tried the TonyMoly Silky Smooth Balm! I’d love to hear which one of the Egg Pore Trio is your favorite. If you enjoyed this reading about this magical egg, feel free to subscribe to my blog and check out my social media (click the sidebar menu for links!)



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