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Herb Day Cleansing Cream The Face Shop

About a week ago my beloved Ultrabland ran out. And, instead of making an emergency Lush trip, I decided to take this opportunity to experiment with new products! My sister came to Tokyo to visit me so of course I had to take her to the skincare mecca of Japan aka Shin-Okubo. If you’re not familiar with Shin-Okubo, it’s the Korean district of Tokyo, full of Korean food, culture, and many of our favorite skincare brands. I came across the Herb Day Cleansing Cream by The Face Shop while browsing and figured I’d give it a try! After a few honest attempts to like this product I came to the conclusion that it’s not for me.

Herb Day Cleansing Cream

Weak-sauce formula:herb day cleansing cream swatch

If you’re a die hard glitter addict like me then this cleanser just won’t cut it. I basically need paint remover when I’m taking off my war paint at the end of the day. My liquid liner wings weren’t completely removed even after washing my eyes twice with a metric fuckload of product. I tried it again on a no-makeup day as a part of my double cleanse and I think it did a decent job at removing the oils and grime that built up on my skin. So although it seems like a decent cleanser, it doesn’t break down makeup at all.

On a more positive note, the texture and scent of the Herb Day Cleansing Cream are both wonderful. It feels great on your skin and it smells magical and fruity. Unfortunately, wonderful smells don’t remove waterproof mascara.

I hate wasting products though so I’ll probably continue to use the Herb Day Cleansing Cream on my no makeup┬áless makeup days.

Simple and chic packaging:

The Herb Day Cleansing Cream comes in a short jar that would be easy to travel with. There’s a ton of product inside it too! Unlike some of those deceptive jars that only hide a small amount of product inside an enormous container (y’all know what I’m talking about)… If you need a gentle cleansing cream that can be easily thrown in a backpack or overnight bag for traveling, then this might be for you! I’ll probably reuse the jar as a travel container once I use up all the cleanser.

herb day cleansing cream

Long story short, literally two days later I ran out to the mall and grabbed a new pot of Ultrabland. I was not impressed with the Herb Day Cleansing Cream AT ALL. It doesn’t work for my cake-face lifestyle. I will say that although this product doesn’t work well for my lifestyle, it might work for you! Personally I have to give it a 3/10. The biggest reason for such a low score is simply that it doesn’t remove my makeup whatsoever.

But, if you’re interesting in trying this product out you can pick it up on amazon for pretty cheap! I would only recommend it to people who like a very gentle cleanser and wear little to no makeup on a daily basis. If you fall outside the intersection of that little venn diagram then please beware.



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